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The US servers will be brought down April 14th at 4AM PT for a brief update.  Downtime is anticipated to be less than 90 minutes.  Players may notice the following changes:


  • The Gadget Bomb ability should no longer cause some players to crash.
  • Warping to the Vault should no longer cause some players to crash.
  •   Abilities which would sometimes sometimes not activate properly now should.
  •   The walk animation for characters using the Flirty personality has been revised.
  •   Arrow Storm should no longer display excessive visual effects when used.  Please note this does not affect damage.
  • When using Full Auto the visual effects should now always properly appear.
  • Under the Sea Feat - The waist and hand appearance for female characters will show correctly in the UI when collected.
  • The tooltips are now scrollable when using a controller or mouse wheel in the Group Loot UI.
  • Long item names in the Group Loot UI will now marquee instead of shrinking.
  • Caging Penguin: Pengbot Maximus should properly display his special attack tell before he starts his attack instead of after it has already started.
  •   Rescinding the Clowns should now be available from the quest NPC Sergeant Tarkanean.
  • When pressing up on the d-pad the selection focus should no longer default to the menu category.
  • PS3 users should now be able to edit chat channel colors using the virtual keyboard.
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 Welcome to New Justice. A causal league for players who enjoy all aspects of the game. The nightwatch had a good run we were the league to beat on our server. but due to the amount of idle players, and differences in hardcore verus causal it was time to put nightwatch down. we want to fill the league with social players who are ready to group up an play anytime. no selfish players we are a league to help one another no leechs. i would like us to have a good PVP presence. but most of all i would like to have players that like to play together, joke, an have a good time at the end of the day it is just a game.

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